The 30th Field Artillery Regiment Association
Hard Chargers, Sir !

The Association was initially formed as a brotherhood of those who had served with the 1st Battalion, 30th Field Artillery in Vietnam between 1965 and 1971. Its primary purpose was to document the 1st Battalion's proud and highly decorated service in that war. Its secondary purpose was to remember and honor our fellow Hard Chargers, who lost their lives while serving as a member of the 30th Field Artillery Regiment. Founded in January 1995, our first president was Dan Gillotti, who has served the Association ever since in a number of important roles, including Historian.

The first small formal gathering of Hard Chargers was held at Fort Hood, Texas, in August, 1995, during the 1st Cavalry Division Association reunion. Laying the important groundwork for later growth, Dan Gillotti stopped at Fort Sill on his way to the reunion and spoke with the commanders of the 30th Field Artillery Regiment's active duty components, which provide support for the Field Artillery School. The senior officers and NCOs indicated their desire to join and work with the Association.

During early development, founding members elected to broaden the Association's focus and membership into a truly regimental organization by including all former and current members of the Regiment and attached units. Dan's research unearthed its historical origins in 1918 and traced its lineage through several later reconstitutions from 1941 to present day.

In 1998 the general membership approved a formal Constitution and By-Laws and elected a full slate of Association Officers. The President and the 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents serve for two years, the Secretary and Treasurer for four years. The process of formal Incorporation of the Association as a non-profit organization has been completed and filed in Texas.

Members approved annual dues of $15 and lifetime dues of $150. They carry out many solicitations and fund raisers to finance projects. All activities are completed by volunteers; there are no paid Association staff; major projects include:

An Association newsletter, the "HARD CHARGER" is distributed at least quarterly.
Many photos and artifacts have been gathered and some have been assembled into displays at Fort Sill.
An impressive history was published in 1998 detailing Regiment lineage and significant historic episodes.
Association members designed and maintain this website.
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